Managing Academic Modules With Educational ERP

Smooth deliverance of knowledge is the most crucial function of an Academic institute - It forms the nucleus of a school or college. However, at present we would see that a majority of schools and colleges are not been able to give maximum outputs as far as effective education is concerned. Past few decades have been very dynamic for educational sector; it has seen tremendous growth in terms of its conceptions and functions, thus giving rise to a number of intricacies which adversely affect its core operation.

But, as it said that "necessity is the mother of all inventions"; the obligation to produce extraordinary consequence, resulted into Online learning management system. Primarily developed for large scale corporation houses, it is now customized to suit the demands of an educational sector, i.e., effective deliverance of education.

It is hard to believe and digest that an ERP system can meet the rising scholastic demands in an educational institute. Schools and colleges have grown in terms of its core pursuit, founding as well as operations. A robust learning management system can not only assist the teachers but also the academic coordinators to deal with the day to day tasks which in way drain them of their energy and affect their productivity.

If we take a look at the jobs a teacher has to do; we will find that majority of them has to look after a series of mundane or say non-academic tasks, apart from concentrating on her actual job; i.e., teaching. They have to divide their time between like taking lessons and creating a detailed student portfolio containing their progress reports, assignments, personal details, submissions, timetables, exam schedules etc. One can't accept them to give 100% performance after applying most of their energy left in doing such tedious jobs.

Being comprehensive software, learning management system assimilates some of the non-teaching functions. It helps the teacher to focus her time and energy on the area of their core competence - Education. It creates maintains as well as stores a complete database containing customized reports related to student's progress, comparative analysis based on each terms, assignments submission, other personal records, etc.

ERP system saves the valuable time and energy of the faculties who can direct in trying to improve and take up an innovative approach towards teaching. It also makes a teacher pay some attention to the queries of the students, to connect with their students, helping them to solve queries related to academic queries as well as other out of class room queries.

Academic advantages of Learning management software is not only limited for the teachers, every person handling the scholastic functions right from the principal to faculty coordinators can reap the benefits from it.

Class scheduling and management needs accuracy and great deal of management on the part of an academic coordinator. A well developed educational ERP assist the coordinator and principal to keep a track of the class and subject allocated to the teachers. It makes it easy for them to allocate the subjects, once the class scheduling is done perfectly.

For a faculty to prepare customized annual analytical reports of the students, they have to keep a database and evaluate the progress manually. However, many learning management software offers a special wherein the progress report of the student can be prepared. The teacher only has to enter the data (marks or grades); it aids the faculty to make a customized presentation (in form of bar charts). Moreover, the students can download their results online and save it as PDF in their PCs. In this way, the students can also preserve their results.