Associate Degree In Nursing At A Glance

One of the ways through which you can become a registered nurse in the US is by taking up a program in associate degree in nursing (AND). If you successfully complete the program, you are qualified to work as a RN in a number of healthcare settings and other employment establishments that require nurses in their clinics.

There is an awesome job prospect for any person doing AND program in an accredited institution. This is because there is a high demand for RN in the US. Their salaries are also very attractive. AND is a stepping stone to earning a bachelor degree as well as master's degree in nursing in case you will like to further your education and build up a strong career for yourself in the healthcare sector.

Associate degree in nursing helps student to acquire the practical experience and skills required of nurses. It will take a full-time student about 2 to 3 years in order to complete the program. In most colleges, those that have done any licensed practiced nursing program, are given credit for the classes that they have completed already.

AND programs can be done in the conventional schools. Many community colleges as well as junior colleges are offering the programs. Today, the AND programs can also be done online. If you want to do the program through the internet, you can find a good accredited online school that will offer you quality education. If you are doing the program through the internet, you will still do the practical aspect of the course. The online schools that provide these programs normally work hand in hand with some medical facilities where their students will have the practical experience.

AND program is not like other programs which a community college can offer. In some states, there are few institutions that are offering the program. This is why there may be no vacant for people that apply for the program late in most states.

Some of the AND programs include

• Foundation of nursing care

• Maternity nursing care

• Principles of clinical decision making

• Pediatric nursing

• pharmacology

• medical surgical nursing care

Admission into Associate degree in nursing is somewhat selective and strict. This is because of the high number of people that will want to enroll in these programs. Though the basic admission requirement may differ from one college to another, some of the factors that are considered by most schools are entrance exam scores, standardized test scores and prior college experience. Some schools may have some specific prerequisite.

Normally, a fresh graduate of AND begins his or her profession in a hospital setting caring for the patients. When the person has gotten many years of experience, the person can now work in home health care, doctor's office, community health clinics, nursing homes and other health care setting.

There are also some programs that are similar to Associate degree in nursing. One can also start working as a nursing by doing these related programs such as bachelor RN and diploma RN programs.

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